i never thought for a minute that i’d enjoy being an illustrator. for years and years, i avoided anything to do with it. maybe terrified that i
couldn’t draw consistently enough, or to someone else’s liking. always corrected interviews that called me one, because i’d never,
once ever, taken a single job drawing for anyone else.

then my brilliant friend matt asked me to illustrate his first cook-book, my mouth turned to jelly, and the next thing, i’m laying out all these vegetables across my desk, cutting up paper and buying new pens. i spend two weeks in my studio, and when i finally put my head up, i realise
that i loved it.

i’m so proud of matt, and so proud of studio racket for putting it all together so well.
it’s beautiful to hold, & so nice to be a part of it.

 the book / matt / studio racket – xxm.




  1. Beautiful work miss! I’ve seen this book featured in a couple fo magazines already, really looking forward to getting a chance to peruse through it myself. Ka pai!

  2. quick to comment!
    thank you x

  3. beautiful!

  4. Really beautiful work.

  5. awesome awesome awesome.

  6. Wow, so much talent! It’s incredible how you can turn a fruit and vegetable into such a beautiful illustration. If you don’t mind me asking, what materials did you use to create these works?

  7. alexe — –
    thanks! i used a ‘copic’ 0.05 fineliner, and that’s all. x miso.

  8. Thanks. I’ll run out asap and get one of those. :)

  9. Thanks. I’ll run out asap and get one of those. :)

  10. So gorgeous! Such gentle beautiful lines.

  11. Amazingness… Can’t wait to check it out in person. So good…

  12. Nice work you. Did you have a hand in the digital stuff too?

  13. Thanks!
    All the layouts and design are by Studio Racket – no hand at all.

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  15. Awesome !

  16. wouah!!! so so beautiful work…is it possible to find this book in france?

  17. thanks — not sure if it’s out in europe yet,
    but you can buy it on Amazon and ship internationally. xm.

  18. thank you for your answer!!!

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