plan des rues.

I drew a map of the city and of Fitzroy, all by hand. These are our favourite places.
The idea is that a lot of these ridiculous tours charge a lot of money to take you to
some nice cafes & galleries, so feel free to download a .pdf our two a4 maps, print
them out and explore. And maybe spend the money you would on taking a tour
supporting local artists and cafes and galleries instead.
Do you think I left anything out?  xx. m.

Download it: here, or if that doesn’t work: here. xx.

  1. they are stunning.
    What a wonderful idea.
    Um Polyester Records, but that’s one of my favourite places, perhaps not other peoples.

  2. eek. yep. good one.

  3. I love walking down Niagara Ln, and the Old Melbourne Gaol park at the back of RMIT is a nice little (big?) oasis.

  4. Mamasita’s on Collins Street, and Wunderkrammer?

  5. this is a really great idea. thank you for doing this!

  6. grr, yes! mamasita’s opened well after i actually finished drawing the map. i didn’t put it online for quite a while after finishing it. which is a shame. so i missed putting in the d. chirico pop up shop as well. xx m.

  7. if you’d done a southside one, borsch vodka and tears! and circa the prince.

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